News & Updates

Mighty Switch Force 2 Remix

With the release of the sequel to WayForward's awesome Mighty Switch Force, comes a new soundtrack by virt. Once again released for Pay What You Want on Bandcamp, virt asked me (as well as yogurtbox cohort coda and a few other people) to do remixes. Initially I struggled a lot with what I should do, but a few days ago I came up with this super-mellow remix and I am quite pleased with the result. I hope you enjoy it!

Please check out the rest of the soundtrack and be sure to grab the game on the 3DS eShop (it's already out in North America, and coming June 27th in Europe).

Undercolor Agents

I've previously said that I'm working on Paul Greasley aka Farmergnome's upcoming top-down Western-style game Fistful of Gun, and we're still hard at work on that one. However, in between production, Paul's also been busy, entering a game into Ludum Dare.

He made his entry solo, but we decided we'd make a full release version of it, with me manning the audio side of things. We're well underway on this, and Paul has added several game modes and lots of extra stuff, to what I think is already a really fun, local co-op game.

Anyway, check out this trailer which includes my music, and grab the free post-compo build which has a couple of my songs. I have made more but those will have to wait for the release of the full game! I'm actually quite proud of this music, so I hope you dig it!

Update! Cryamore

Sorry I haven't been updating lately, I'll write a big update post (or posts) soon! Meanwhile, here's some fabulous art of Bliss from Cryamore, by our fearless team leader Rob :) Cryamore is rolling along nicely! I'm having loads of fun sound designing for it, making it very sparkly. It's been one of the more satisfying sound design jobs I've had lately, since the aesthetic is sort of a modernized version of Japanese arcade/SNES-era style, in the audio too.

Keep an eye on the Cryamore tumblr for more updates! Check out the new menu interface, it looks super cool I think!