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MOJAM: Nuke the Dinosaurs

This was a cool blitz project! I was asked by Junkboy from Mojang if I wanted to help them out with a super secret fourth game (there were three official teams, who each made a great game based off a singular theme). He proposed a virtual pinball game, and I absolutely love those things since way back when I played Epic Pinball (check out that crazy tracker music)! So of course I said yes!

While the result is a little rough (as could be expected from a game jam game, of course), it was super fun to work on, and hopefully we'll be polishing the thing up later, with final art and more balanced sounds, as well as more advanced game modes! For now, you can grab the whole pack from the Humble Bundle site for any price you see fit, with the money going to charity. At some point, the games should become available too, according to the post on mojang!

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