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Want to hire me, or want to know what I can do? Here are some self-written blurbs about my skills (it's kinda embarrassing to talk about yourself like this), and by all means please contact me for any questions or job inquiries.

Music for games

Still Alive 3.0 by GeoffnetMy career has always been supremely focused on games. Even back when I applied to my college of choice, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, I said that my ultimate goal was to become a composer for games. My passion for this medium is practically boundless, I make it a point to both stay up to date with the current games as well as maintain a healthy knowledge of our past.

This results in an ability to cover a vast amount of musical styles with confidence, and to be a perfect fit with your game. I'm also experienced with FMOD and WWise, and have implemented interactive music stuff in the past (for example in the DS version of The Sims 2, I was tasked with devevloping an in-game composition tool).

I've worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Capcom, EA UK, Activision, and many others, but if you're not one of them, don't let that discourage you from talking to me! I've also done work for lots of indie teams and smaller companies, and we can always work something out, even if you can't "afford" me.

Music demo

Sound design

Cool Audio Waves by Iwan GabowichI don't just love music though. If anything, I'm even more passionate and in love with sound design. The joy I get from composing a great song? I feel the same way about every single sound effect I make. I just love it.

I also believe that sound design is a huge part of what makes games work. Graphics can only carry the game so far--to truly feel immersed, you need to have sound design. No matter how high res the textures, it won't feel like wood until it crunches satisfyingly as you break it, and curb-stomping an enemy wouldn't feel as good if you didn't hear his guts and bones crunch under your boot. I believe this passion for the details is reflected in my work, and I won't stop until you're satisfied with the way your game sounds.

Sound design demos


Chaos Theory 4k remix by KK/DMA I've done a lot of remixing in the past (especially video game arrangements), but in recent years I've made an effort to create my own "style", and also pick up more jobs on this front. I really enjoy the task of learning someone else's song, it gives me a great boost, and often teaches me techniques or composition tricks I otherwise never would've thought of. I'm working on a release to put all my recent remixes up to this point together, but that's still a work in progress.

If you want me to feature on your soundtrack release, let me know! I usually don't charge for them (provided I have time, of course), as long as you allow me to later collect your remix on an album. This way, you'll get a free remix, I get to abuse your game/soundtrack to promote my remix album, and we both (potentially) win!

Mixing, mastering, engineering

Aside from the creative aspects of audio, I also gained a pretty extensive knowledge of audio hardware and software, from Logic, Cubase, Protools, to the more intricate synth programming and microphone positions. I'm available as a studio hand or as someone to arrange, mix or master your album.


I have a Master's degree in Music Technology and a Bachelor with Honors in Sound Design from Utrecht School of the Arts.

I have credits from many established and upcoming game powerhouses, such as:

  • Capcom;
  • Activision;
  • Disney;
  • Disney;
  • Smack Down Productions;
  • WayForward, and others.
Check out my full CV with all my credits and so on here: PDF, DOC, plain text

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