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More A&S album concept art by Diana Jakobsson

Here's some more of Diana's awesome art for me and Aivi's upcoming album! More coming soon!

Aivi & Surasshu album art, by Diana Jakobsson!

It's been a while since I last posted about the chiptune+piano album I'm working on with Aivi Tran, but we've been hard at work at it, and we're nearing completion. I'm really excited about it, I hope people will like it! Anyway, we have approached Diana Jakobsson to make the art for our album, and she was happy to do it! We've got some special p [...]

I'm in the papers!

Whoa... So this was kind of unexpected! As most of you are probably already aware (and if not, see the announcement), pianist extraordinaire Aivi Tran, and myself are working on a chiptune album, comprised of original songs and covers with her on piano and me taking chiptune duty, to be released on the chiptune label Ubiktune. So anyway, I'm not q [...]

aivi & surasshu - Mika (+ album announcement!)

Aivi Tran and I both loved working together on our Mabe Village cover so much that we immediately set forth plans to create more stuff together. This song is the first attempt to make an original track together, and explore some new fields in chiptune (especially the rhubato, orchestra-esque stuff). I'm also extremely excited to announce we're work [...]

I've gotten some requests to post the IT source file of the cover aivi and I did, so here it is! To play it, I would recommend xmplay or Schism Tracker.

A message from Kazumi Totaka!

The response on the video by me and Aivi Tran has been pretty overwhelming! Rest assured we'll be doing more of these. I've seen a couple people ask for the IT file, and I'll get to posting that soon. However, I wanted to quickly update because something very exciting happened with the help of a guy on twitter called @GilvaSunner. He actually sent [...]

aivi & surasshu - Mabe Village (from Zelda: Link's Awakening)

This was a hell of a lot of fun! Aivi and me have been friends for a while, and when we met at GDC, we decided that we should try to collaborate a little. When she released her Ballad of the Wind Fish cover with Chris, I talked to her about how Mabe Village is my favorite Zelda song. We decided to make a cover of it, mixing piano with tracker-chipt [...]